_K4A0102My name is Joshua M. Bernstein, and I’m a Brooklyn-based beer, spirits, food and travel journalist, as well as an occasional tour guide. Since 2000, I’ve written for scores of newspapers, magazines and websites, including Bon Appétit, Men’s JournalDetails, New York, The New York TimesTime Out New York, SaveurDraft, Epicurious.com, Wine EnthusiastBicycling, Gourmet.com, Tasting Table, New York Post, Edible Manhattan, New York Daily News, Wired, ReadyMade and the New York Press, for whom I wrote a weekly food-and-drink column called “Gut Instinct.” Additionally, I’m a contributing editor to Imbibe, where I oversee beer coverage. My parents are very proud.

I’m the author of Brewed Awakening, my deeply reported take on the global craft-beer revolution. My latest book, The Complete Beer Course, was released in September 2013 by Sterling Epicure. My last book, Complete IPA, a chronicle of the worldwide spread of IPAs, was published in September 2016 by Sterling Epicure. My next book, Homebrew World, will be published in spring 2018, also by Sterling Epicure.

Lastly, once upon a time I made zines and worked as an editor and a copy editor. My clients have included ELLE, Rolling Stone, Us Weekly, SmartMoney and Blender. I like proper punctuation.


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