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The Bronx Brewery Breaks Out With New Cans

Bronx PaleDoug Schneider Photography 

I used to have an alcoholic roommate who loved nothing more than sipping 16-ounce cans of crappy American beer by the six-pack. “Come on, put a pint in your palm,” he’d say, passing me Bud or Coors or whatever was cheapest at the corner bodega.

Who was I to turn down free beer? I’d join him in drinking one 16-ounce can after another. He’d continue to six, sometimes 12, multiplying his hangover with each emptying can. I would tap out at four pints. Four was a respectable number of pints, the perfect amount to sip and not spend the next morning crunching Tylenol as if it were candy.

Methinks New York’s craft beer industry also understands the power of four. The last few years have seen local darlings Sixpoint strike it big with their striking, cube-shape four-packs of pint cans. Most every bar and bodega worth its salt stocks them in their coolers. Now, this week marks the arrival of the city’s next cube of craft beer: Bronx Pale Ale.

Over the last year, Bronx Brewery has carved out a swell little spot for itself with its variations on the pale ale theme. There’s the Black Pale Ale, Rye Pale, Belgian Pale Ale and a host of other barrel-aged one-offs. But everything circles back to the easy-drinking base beer that’s doctored with plenty of citrusy, floral Centennial and Cascade hops. To date, the beer has only been available on draft.

“Growlers are really expanding, but they’re not ubiquitous,” says Bronx Brewery general manager Chris Gallant. “Cans give people the ability to take the beer home with them.”

To make that a reality, the brewery began searching for a canning facility, settling on City Brewing’s La Crosse, Wisconsin, plant. Head brewer Damian Brown headed to Wisconsin to make sure the facility had the recipe nailed down, then the 16-ounce cans started rolling off the line. Continue reading


The New Black


Over the last few years, craft beer has seen an epidemic of oxymorons. The IPA—that is, the India pale ale—has fathered the black IPA, a roasty and bitter brew that has generated oodles of cantankerous digital debate. “Can we call it an India-style black ale?” “How can an IPA be black?” “Shouldn’t it be called a Cascadian dark ale, after all the brewers in the Pacific Northwest brewing them?”

The answer to all these questions is: be quiet. Who cares what a beer is called if it’s delicious. And heavens, there are so many fan black IPAs on the market that, happily, I could spend a weekend drinking ’em all down. (A good regional one to look for is the Otter Creek Black IPA.)

While craft brewing is an industry of innovators, it’s also an industry of imitators. No sooner does one brewery have success with a style than 10 more join the fray. Today, black IPAs are so 2011. Now, brewers are incorporating dark roasted malts into saisons and, thanks to the Bronx Brewery, the pale ale.

Last week, the Bronx team released the Bronx Black Pale Ale, an oxymoronic ride on the dark and tropical side. The unfiltered, unpasteurized ale is made with plenty of Dorado and Citra hops, which lend a lovely tropical profile that plays nicely with the flavors of dark chocolate. It’s currently on draft only, so keep your peepers peeled for it on tap lists around town.

One place I know for certain you should be able to snag it is Jimmy’s No. 43, which will roll out the Bronx Black Pale Ale with a party on January 3 from 7 to 10 p.m. Try a taste and let me know what you think. Go on, live life on the dark side.