Selected Articles

I am a contributing editor to the drinks magazine, overseeing editorial coverage on craft beer.

“The Spice Is Right”: Hops? Who needs them. Right now, spice- and herb-filled gruits are going gangbusters.

“Mash-Up”: I investigate how a new crop of brewer-distillers is taking the shot-and-a-beer concept to new heights.

“Rise Up Brewing”: Chicago’s craft beer scene is on the upswing. I traveled to the Windy City to report on this liquid uprising.

“Will Bike for Beer”: I investigate the intersection of bicycling and craft beer.

“So the Story Gose”: Meet gose, the salty, sour German beer that you can’t say no to.

Bon Appétit
For the magazine’s website, I write a column titled “Foaming at the Mouth.” I also occasionally write for the magazine.

“May the Froth Be with You: Nerd Beers, from Game of Thrones Stout to Vulcan Ale: Sci-fi and pop culture invade your pint glass.

“Sour Beer Primer: How (and Why) to Drink These Funky Wild Ales”: My first article for the magazine.

“Strange Brews: The Weirdest Beers in America”: Care for a beer made with spirulina?

“10 Gluten-Free Beers That Actually Taste Good”: Going without grain no longer means a flavor-deprived beer.

I am the cheese quarterly’s regular beer writer. Click here for my story archive.


“Czech, Please:”  The pilsner is making a massive comeback in America.

“The Sunshine State Also Rises”: There’s a beer revolution afoot in Florida.


“The New Euro Stars”: The best imported European beers to try in 2014.

Everything You Need to Know About Beer Right Now”: My comprehensive guide to beer drinking in spring/summer 2013.

“Smoked Beer Is on Fire Right Now”: An investigation into the world’s best smoky brews.

New York

“Scandi by the Half-Pint”: A 21-tap tasting of Tørst, Brooklyn’s new game-changing beer temple.

“Chiang Mai by Tuk-Tuk”: My guide to dining and drinking in northern Thailand’s best city.

“The Most Micro of Brews”: A peek beneath the hood of New York’s homebrewing trend.

“Brewer’s Dozen”: New York’s sunniest spots for sipping craft beer.

The New York Times

“Gridiron Girls”: In Brooklyn, a lesbian bar is an unlikely refuge for displaced football fans.


“The Kings (County) of Brooklyn”: My feature on the men and women changing New York’s beer landscape.

“Big City, Small Beer”: My report on the tiniest beer makers and shops in the Big Apple.

“The New Table Beers”: Low in alcohol yet full of flavor, these beers are best savored alongside food.

“City of Brotherly Suds”: A stomach-first account of a weekend spent sipping Philadelphia beer.

“At Qingdao’s Drunken House, Enjoy a Hangover-Free Stumble”: At China’s Tsingtao brewery, you don’t need to guzzle a six-pack to feel tipsy.

“The World’s Most Visionary Cities”: From Abu Dhabi’s Madar City to Curitiba, Brazil, I cast an eye toward the towns of tomorrow.

New York Press

“Goodbye Gut Instinct”: My sayonara to my weekly column, as well as the paper I called home for seven years. Consider this sort of my origin story as a writer.

Here is my complete archive of work at the New York Press. 

MIX (food and drink magazine of The Oregonian )

“Exotic New Hop Varieties Infuse Local Beers”: I look at how the Citra and Nelson Sauvin hops are changing the flavors of the classic Pacific Northwest IPA.

Time Out New York

I was a contributing writer to TONY for more than seven years, contributing food, spirit, travel and beer features to the magazine. Click here for my archive.

“‘Bilt to Last”: A reported take on the rise of Vanderbilt Avenue, one of Brooklyn’s up-and-coming blocks. 

“Four Beer Trends”: I dig deep into trends such as barrel-aged and sour brews.

“The Rise of the Nanobrewery”: A report on the small breweries with big, big taste.

Edible Brooklyn/Edible Manhattan

“Indigenous Industry: Kelso of Brooklyn”
: A deeply reported feature on Kelso of Brooklyn, one of the city’s hardest working ma-and-pa breweries.

“Suds in the City: Chelsea Brewing Company”: Despite its great brews, Chelsea Brewing Company often gets overlooked in NYC. I shine a spotlight on this sudsy stalwart.

“The Dumpling Man”: Deep in the heart of Bushwick, there’s a bygone brewery pumping out hundreds of thousands of…pot stickers?


“Rum for Your Money”
: Whiskey’s not the only brown spirit creating a buzz.

“Punch Drunk”:
 Once the original San Francisco treat, the elegant South American brandy pisco is making a countrywide comeback.

“Drinking in a Dry Land”: In Morocco, I go to crazy lengths for a drink.

For two years, I served as’s official craft beer columnist. My position ended when Gourmet was folded. Here, please find my archive.


For more than two years, I was Slashfood’s beer columnist. I featured a beer of the week, plus contributed ongoing beer coverage. The position ended when AOL folded Slashfood into Huffington Post. Here, please find my archive.


“Captain of Industry”: Braddock, Pennsylvania, is a dying steel town on the outskirts of Pittsburgh. This is the story of Mayor John Fetterman’s battle for the town’s survival—and its future.


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