Get Fresh: Unfiltered IPAs and Just-Canned Beers at KCBC


Hope everyone is enjoying the start to fall, or summer jr., as it seems to be weather-wise in New York City.  As for the future, we have plenty of beer events on the horizon. Mark your calendars for the next edition of Can Jam, at Threes Brewing on Sunday, October 29, and a booze cruise aboard the Staten Island Ferry with the Kills Boro crew on Saturday, November 4. More details to come on those in the coming weeks.

Next up, though, I’ve partnered with Kings County Brewers Collective to create an event where you get to drink the absolute freshest canned IPAs before they’re even released to the public. Without additional ado…

WHAT: Get Fresh: Unfiltered IPAs and Just-Canned Beers at KCBC
WHEN: Saturday, October 21, 12 p.m.–2 p.m.
WHERE: Kings County Brewers Collective (381 Troutman St. between Wyckoff and Irving Avenues, Bushwick, Brooklyn)
COST: $35. Tickets are available now.

Canning beer is hard, thirsty work, the kind that makes brewers want to drink the fruits of their labor.

You? You don’t have to lift a single finger, except for the ones wrapped around a beer can. Your job is to drink beer. And today, you’re going to drink like a brewer.

For Get Fresh, we’re heading deep into the brewhouse at Kings County Brewery Collective, Bushwick’s best brewery, where we’ll crush freshly canned amber-hued hop bombs and hazy double IPAs with the brewers.

Fresh cans not fresh enough for you? No problem. We’ll also sip beers straight from the fermentation tanks, just like a brewer does to test quality–no matter how many times it takes. Can you tell the difference? How does the beer evolve? Why do you need to add CO2? How does time affect the beer’s flavor? Ever had a question you wanted to ask a brewer? Here’s your chance.

This event will be a unique behind-the-scenes peek into a brewery, where the beer will flow as freely as the stories. You get to live out the best part of being a brewer–the drinking, duh–without having to clean a single tank.

It’s time to Get Fresh.

Note: Just 40 tickets will be available. Your host will be Complete Beer Course and Complete IPA author Joshua M. Bernstein.


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