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The Future of Beer, as Foretold by the Great American Beer Festival

Photo: Chris Lehault, of the excellent site I Drunk That.

My liver has finally cried uncle. The culprit, as it is every fall, is the Great American Beer Festival. I liken the annual Denver celebration to the Super Bowl of Beer. It brings together nearly 600 breweries from across the country, who come to the Mile High City toting more than 2,700 IPAs, sour ales, barrel-aged imperial stouts and other delicious oddities. Can I interest you in Burnside Brewing’s Sweet Heat, a wheat ale flavored with apricot purée and incendiary Scotch bonnet peppers? Or perhaps you’d like RedRock Brewing’s Paardebloem, which is made with dandelion greens and wild Brettanomyces bacteria? And the Kudzu Porter from Back Forty Beer Company might interest you as well.

Brewers brought out their most wonderful beers this year, and I made it my point to drink as many as possible. You may call this drunkenness. I call it research. As I sipped my way through hundreds of beers — a beer drinker should swallow, not spit—a few trends began to take shape.

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Tickets on Sale for November 3 Homebrew Tour

What a doofus.

Despite New York’s gnat-size apartments, NYC homebrewers refuse to let space limitations detract them from their mission: crafting some of the city’s tastiest beer. On this tour, you’ll venture inside the homes of three of the city’s finest amateur brewers, who will display their set-ups, discuss their craft and, most importantly, open up their stash of superlative beer.

On November 3, we’re going to be swinging through Williamsburg and Greenpoint. We’re starting at the loft of ace homebrewers Chris Cuzme and Mary Izett, before making our way down the road to meet Chris Prout (of Brouwerij Lane) and Jeff Quinn. Today’s list is shaping up to be amazing: sours, meads, kvass, Brettanomyces-dosed beers, a hibiscus pale ale and likely an IPA or two as well.

There will be three stops in all with around 10 beers to sample. And it’ll all be on foot!

WHAT: Brooklyn Homebrew Tour
WHEN: Saturday, November 3, 1 p.m.
WHERE: Williamsburg and Greenpoint
TICKETS: $30. Buy them here.