Daily Archives: April 1, 2011

New York Press’ Gut Instinct: A Little White Whine

Drink up, little buddy, drink up.

Like a plague of locusts descending upon crops, a peculiar modern pestilence assaults my email inbox: pesky missives from public relations firms, touting the latest and supposedly greatest in food and drink.

In a perfect world, these words would be custom-tailored to suit my journalistic needs. Publicists, tell me about restaurants, craft beers, cocktail bars and spirits! This helps me divine trends, allowing me to make judgments and disseminate pertinent info to readers—a filter in our data-clogged days. But for each relevant email, dozens more tidal wave into my inbox, breathlessly announcing news I find as off-putting as Glee. It’s marketing by machine gun: Spray the message wildly and hope to hit a few targets. Recent misses include luxury spas, health-food restaurants and wine. Wine! Allow me to whine. Continue reading