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Brooklyn Homebrew Tour: April 17

Oh, look at that happy face!

Hey, beer lovers! It’s that time of the month when I host another homebrew tour. On Sunday, April 17, I have three ace Brooklyn brewers on tap who’ll be opening up their homes, discussing their craft and pouring oodles of brews. It’s always a rollicking blast. Tickets are $25, and you can buy them at Brown Paper Tickets.


NYC Asian Noodle Guide

Photo: Noah Fecks

Lord, I love me some Asian noodles something fierce. I could happily live on hand-pulled noodle soups and ramen till my end days. Thus, it’s no surprise that Metromix New York asked me to pen a comprehensive guide to New York’s best Asian noodle dishes. Check out my slurp-worthy guide over at Metromix!

Clown Shoes Clementine – Beer of the Week

This week’s beer takes its cues from the circus—sort of. Clown Shoes, hailing from Massachusetts, turns out some of the better hop-forward beers I’ve had lately, including the heavenly Hoppy Feet black IPA and the Eagle Claw Fist Imperial amber, which is doctored with tropical Citra hops. But with spring inching around the corner, I’m going to put my weight behind Clementine, a wondrous witbier with plenty of orange flavor and a spritzy spring in its steps. Curious? Read up the full review at Slashfood!

New York Press’ Gut Instinct: Dim Sum of My Parts

Dim sum = yum yum! Photo: Flickr/hilabean

Now that I’m a newly engaged man, I must come to terms with my fiancée’s shortcomings: namely, her disgust for dim sum.

“I’m not going to eat dim sum with you. It’s so greasy,” she says, wrinkling her nose in a manner I might find cute if her words weren’t so hurtful. “Not all dim sum is greasy,” I rebut, extolling the pleasures of feather-light cheung fan rice rolls and steamed, shrimp-stuffed har gow. But her eyes glaze like a Krispy Kreme cruller, another a.m. eat she shuns for Kashi cereal—gerbil feed, as far as I’m concerned. Continue reading

Avery’s Joe’s Premium American Pilsner – Beer of the Week

In America, decades of mega-brewer dominance has saddled pilsners with a bad rap — watery, flavor-deprived and as exciting as Styrofoam. Thankfully, Colorado’s genre-stretching Avery has decided to rewrite the rule book with its Joe, an aromatic pilsner that packs plenty of flavor and aroma in a tidy 4.7 percent ABV package. It’s a beer you’d be pleased to pour into a pint glass or glug while pushing a lawnmower. Curious? Drink up the full review at Slashfood!

Kona Brewing Koko Brown – Beer of the Week

This week, I turn my beer-loving belly’s attention to the only state I’ve never visited: Hawaii. I’m not much of a surfer, or even a sun-bather, but I could certainly spend my days drinking dreamy, island-appropriate brews such as the Kona Brewing’s Koko Brown. It’s a lush, eminently sippable brown ale filled with the lip-smacking flavors of toasted coconut. In a way, it recalls a liquid Almond Joy. And I love the heck out of Almond Joys. Curious? Read up the full review at Slashfood!

New York Press’ Gut Instinct: Otherwise Engaged

I will begin with the big news: I no longer have a girlfriend. Instead, I have a fiancée. And I owe it all to mayonnaise, White Castle and middling Mexican food. Allow me to begin.

Back in late 2005, I was going through a ragged split from an ex-girlfriend. Instead of simply dumping me, she bought a plane ticket to Mexico. Foolishly, I followed her there. I flew home after two weeks. She didn’t. Back in Brooklyn, I fell into a funk. Some broken hearts comfort themselves with ice cream and rom-coms featuring Jennifer Aniston. I relied on Jim Beam, 24-oz. cans of Coors Light and generally being a jerk-face.

This behavior manifested itself in a reprehensible fashion that, five years later, still bastes me in shame. Continue reading