Homebrew Tours

Homebrew Tours: Since September 2009, I’ve led tours of some of New York City’s finest homebrewers. The reason is simple: Despite New York’s gnat-size apartments, NYC homebrewers refuse to let space limitations detract them from their mission—crafting some of the city’s tastiest beer. By and large you’ll never get to taste of these delectable DIY suds. But here’s your chance: On this intimate homebrew tour, you and 25 strangers—soon to become drinking buddies and friends—will venture inside the homes of three of the city’s finest amateur brewers. Part voyeuristic excursion, part bar crawl, part educational class, the brewers will display set-ups, discuss their craft and, most importantly, open up their stash of superlative beer. Try them now before these amateurs become tomorrow’s professionals. So far, SingleCut, Conner FieldsFinbackBolero Snort and Braven have all been veterans of my homebrew tour.

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Next tour:

Event: Greenpoint Homebrew-to-Pro Tour
When: Saturday, October 25, 1 p.m.
Where: Greenpoint, Brooklyn
Tickets: $35. They go on sale Wednesday, September 24, at 12 p.m.
Ticket link: Buy them here. Sorry, we’re sold out.
It often begins with a single batch of homebrewed beer. Your friends like drinking the double IPA, or the coffee stout. More beer is brewed. More accolades. “You should start a brewery,” someone suggests, planting a seed inside your hobbyist head: Could this be a career?Increasingly, the answer for New Yorkers is “yes.” We’re witnessing an unparalleled brewing boom, one that’s flooding the city with loads of great beer. Today, we’ll celebrate the brewing bounty by touring two of Greenpoint’s newest breweries–plus another trio of homebrewers who hope to open a brewery soon.

By and large, these spaces are rarely open to the public. But today, today we get to peek behind the brew kettles at Dirck the Norseman and Keg & Lantern, hearing how Chris Prout and PJ Allen made the leap to the big leagues. We’ll also meet the Kings County Brewers Collective, a trio of homebrewers planning to go pro. There will be plenty of beer, from IPAs to Belgian-style table beers, hoppy amber ales, witbiers, sours and, heck, whatever the brewers will dream up in the next month.


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