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April 26
Long Island City Homebrew-to-Pro Tour

1 p.m.–5 p.m.; $35; tickets go on sale Tuesday, April 1 at 12 p.m. Buy them here. Sorry, we’re sold out.

It often begins with a single batch of homebrewed beer. Your friends like drinking the double IPA, or the coffee stout. More beer is brewed. More accolades. “You should start a brewery,” someone suggests, planting a seed inside your hobbyist head: Could this be a career?

Increasingly these days, the answer for New Yorkers is “yes.” We’re witnessing an unparalleled brewing boom, one that’s flooding the city–particularly Queens–with loads of great beer. Today, we’re going to celebrate the brewing bounty by taking a walking tour of three of Long Island City’s newest breweries.

By and large, these spaces are rarely open to the public. But today, today we get to peek behind the brew kettles at Rockaway Brewing, Big Alice (typically only open a few hours a week) and the brand-new Transmitter Brewing, which hasn’t even opened to the public yet. There will be plenty of beer, from wild yeast–dosed ales to saisons, British-influenced ESBs, IPAs and whatever deliciously wackadoodle, limited-edition formulations Big Alice has dreamed up this week. Care for an IPA made with dandelions and fennel bulbs or a yellow-birch barley wine?

Naturally, brewers will be on hand to tell their stories. It’s going to be an excellent afternoon.

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